Scream released

24 January 2013

First music video from the album “The Other Side” released. – Actor & singer: Bahram Radan – Composer: Kavan Honarmand – Director: Reza Bahrami Nezhad – Producers: Mehdi Moezi/Bahram Radan – You can watch this music video here in Bahram Radan’s official channel in Youtube:

Happy New Year 2013

5 January 2013

“As 2012 draws to a close, all my thoughts and prayers go to the innocent men, women and children who are victims of senseless violence from Syria and Gaza to Central Africa and Connecticut. Mother Nature heals us but also needs to be healed by us. By holding our hands together and keeping our hearts [...]

Surmullet released

10 November 2012

Hooman Javid’s album “Shah Mahi” composed by Babak Zarrin and Produced by Bahram Radan was released. It was supposed to be in market after Ramadan firstly, but finally it was released on the 10th November after finishing the advertising process and changing the producer company. Also Itunes and Beeptunes , two music sites cover the [...]

All tickets of the program ”Interview with Bahram Radan” in Vancouver are sold!

5 October 2012

This program accompanied by showing “Maritime Silk Road” was selected and all the proceeds would be sent to Iran and would be given to Azarbaijan earthquake victims by “Saleh” Charity so that it would fulfill a bit of their needs in this cold winter.

Bestseller music albums in the first year half specified . Bahram Radan at the top of the list

29 September 2012

Economy World Paper: Among Iranian traditional albums, Alireza Ghorbani’s album called Harighe khazan was found distinctive recently released by Avaye Barbad production and it is announced to be number one by the City Bookshop. ISNA reports the new album of Mohammad Motamedi called Gahi se gahi, produced by Iran Gam accompanied by Pooya Sarabi, was [...]